Welcome to Term 1, 2023 Welcome to Term 1, 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to the College for 2023.  I trust that the Christmas holiday period has been an enjoyable and refreshing time and that your aspirations for the coming year are fulfilled by year’s end. The College’s theme for this year is ‘Travelling Lightly' and reflects on the Nano Nagle pillar of Simplicity 

During the year we will explore this theme, especially within our Christian tradition. It is a challenge in this turbo-charged consumerist world in which we live. As the Canadian writer and theologian Mary Jo Leddy said to those of us who live in first-world societies;

“...we must at some point say … It’s enough, I have enough, I am enough, life is enough, I need to gratefully enjoy what I have.”


It is my pleasure to acknowledge and welcome into our community new members of staff including: 


  • Miss Nadine Richardson – Primary Teacher
  • Miss Kirstina Dawson – Primary Teacher
  • Mr Mark Robinson – Primary Teacher
  • Mrs Helen Skelton – Primary Teacher 


  • Ms Bronte Hopsick – Teacher Music, who has been with the College since 2016 but is now in a dual role of classroom and cocurricular music teacher
  • Miss Paris Barnett – Teacher English & Social Science (previously in Teacher Pathway Program)
  • Mr Eammon Mottram – Teacher English & Social Science (previously in Teacher Pathway Program)
  • Mrs Kimberley Abbott – Teacher Maths
  • Mrs Julie Catalan – Teacher Visual Art
  • Mrs Karen Kirk – Teacher Science & Maths
  • Dr Ben Long – Teacher Technology
  • Ms Dione Parker – Teacher Religion & Social Science
  • Mrs Wendy Rodgers – Diverse Learners Case Manager
  • Mr Drew Semple – Head of eLearning (returning to staff from Term 2) 


  • Mrs Heather Boulton – Teacher Aide, Teacher Pathway Program
  • Mr Simon Brock - IT Systems Engineer
  • Miss Imogen Downing – Student Wellbeing Officer
  • Mr Zach Gleeson – IT Student Helpdesk
  • Mr Jake Hedstrom – IT Manager
  • Mrs Leanne Rooijmans – Kitchen Hand
  • Mrs Jennifer Thomas – Guidance Counsellor
  • Miss Anna Walsh – Teacher Aide, Teacher Pathway Program (past student and past scholar tutor)
  • Mr Josh White – Director of Sport
  • Ms Cristina Zanfir – Cocurricular Music Teacher

2022 Academic Results  

Congratulations to our Year 12 class of 2022 for their excellent ATAR results. These results have continued to affirm the College’s reputation for academic excellence and for striving to enable each student to achieve to the best of their ability to meet their goals. 


  • Dux of the College – Klara Morzone – 99.55
  • 5 students achieved an ATAR of 99+ 
  • 19% of students achieved an ATAR of 95+ 
  • 40% of students achieved an ATAR of 90+ 
  • SRC achieved a median ATAR of 88.25
  • 100% of students received a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) 
  • 92% of all students received their first or second preference offer from QTAC 

Semester 2, 2022 Academic Excellence Awards, Engagement with Learning Awards and Academic Improvement Awards will be presented at an Academic Excellence Assembly this Term. Parents of Award winners will be welcome to attend this Assembly and information will be sent once the Assembly date has been determined.

A substantial amount of College commencement information, policy and procedural information is issued to families in this communication. All families - new and continuing - should take time to carefully read this information and familiarise themselves with the College offerings and expectations.  

I look forward to a year of growth and development for each student at the College as they strive to achieve their academic and personal goals. 

Yours sincerely 

Mrs Dale MorrowPrincipal

2023 Commencement and Early Term Dates
Years 5, 7 and 12 – Tuesday 24 January
Years 6, 8-11 – Wednesday 25 January
Early Term Dates to Note

Years 5, 7 and 12 – Tuesday 24 January

Year 7 students will be met by their Year 12 Big Sisters from 7:50am at the Pool Driveway off Enderley Road. Years 7 and 12 students are to wear their House Shirt, brown St Rita’s Sports Skirt/Skort, sports runners and socks and House Bucket hat to school on the first day.

Year 7 students bring their Stationery and Devices on the first day of school. They may wish to bring just part of their Stationery if preferred. Textbooks are provided digitally through the Box of Books [BoB] online platform and students will do this as required with the assistance of Library and teaching staff. Required novels will also be provided by the Library staff.

Year 5 students will be met by Year 11 students and College staff at the Enderley Road Tennis Court front driveway from 8:00am. Year 5 students wear their formal Summer uniform of Skort, Blouse and Formal Hat to school on the first day.  (Please disregard any advice that the House uniform is to be worn.)

  • A BBQ lunch will be provided for the students with gluten free and vegetarian options

Years 6, 8-11 – Wednesday 25 January

House Group commences at 8:30am. All students wear their formal dress uniform and will need to have their stationery and devices with them for the first day of school. Textbooks/Novels will be provided during the first two weeks of school with the assistance of Library and teaching staff, and through the year as required. 

Parents of new students in Years 6 and 8-11 have been contacted with details of where their child is to arrive to on Wednesday. 

Early Term Dates to Note

Details for each event will be populated in the MySRC College Calendar.

IT Connection Day for Year 7 and new students in Years 6, 8-11: Monday 23 January (reminder of booking time has been emailed to parents/carers)

Years 5 and 6 Primary Drop Off Afternoon: Monday 23 January, times confirmed by email by class teacher

Music Introduction for New Parents (online): Tuesday 24 January, 4:00pm

Australia Day Public Holiday: Thursday 26 January

Chamber Chorale performance for Hamilton Citizenship Ceremony: Thursday 26 January, 12:30pm

Senior Music Camp (Years 8-12): Friday 27-Sunday 29 January. Concert Band, String Sinfonia, St Rita’s Chorale, Guitar Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. 

Music Support Group Meeting: Wednesday 1 February, 6:00pm.  All parents, including new parents, welcome.

Sports Subcommittee Meeting: Tuesday 7 February, 6:00pm. All parents, including new parents, welcome.

Year 11 Parents and Students ATAR meeting (compulsory): Online via Zoom Tuesday 7 February, 6:00pm

Year 12 Parents and Students ATAR meeting (compulsory): Online via Zoom Tuesday 7 February, 7:00pm

Primary Parents (Years 5 and 6) Information Evening: Tuesday 14 February, 5:00pm.

Parents & Friends Meeting: Tuesday 21 February 6:00pm. All parents, including new parents, welcome.

Year 7 Camp: Wednesday 22-Friday 24 February

Student Matters
Students who are Unwell
Procedure for Parents coming on to Campus
Student Imagery Permission
The College Uniform

Students who are Unwell

Students who are unwell must remain at home and I request the support of parents in not sending your child to school if they are unwell for any reason. Parents are to register their child’s absence via the Student Absentee Form via the College App – the College does not accept telephone or email advice of absence.

  • Students who present unwell whilst at school will be assessed by the College Nurse, and if it is deemed they should not be at school parents will be contacted for immediate collection of their child.
  • Parents are to park in Enderley Road Drop Off Zone and walk into campus to collect their child unless otherwise advised by the College Nurse. Vehicles will not be permitted on campus during class hours.

Procedure for Parents coming on to Campus

All parents and visitors coming onto campus are to arrive to College Main Reception at the Nagle Building (not Student Services) and Sign In and Sign Out regardless of the purpose or length of your visit. This procedure is required even if you are dropping off an essential item to your child.

Parents do not need to come onto campus for matters such as forgotten lunches and uniform items.

  • Forgotten lunches. Students see Mrs Timcke who will give them a Pantry IOU voucher.
  • Forgotten uniforms. Students are to see Mrs Timcke who will manage this.

Student Imagery Permission

Under the requirements of the privacy legislation, the College annually updates student imagery permissions. St Rita’s College recognises our community’s life through responsible recording of student participation at school and in school events, celebrating student effort and achievement and promoting the College and its education through these recordings. These purposes and activities are recognised by the Privacy Act.

Please advise the College by Monday 30 January 2023 whether you consent or not to your daughter’s involvement in the life of the College being promoted or shared using the Consent Form. Click Here

College imagery is shared with and promoted via selected channels, specifically being:

  • College’s Website
  • MySRC
  • College social media platforms
  • College produced print material including the College Yearbook
  • College produced publicity and advertising material for media and external use
  • For the purposes of official annual school photography being individual, sibling and cocurricular images currently under the management of Queensland School Photography
  • Within print and electronic material of Presentation and Catholic organisations such as Mercy Partners and the Queensland Catholic Education Commission
  • Cocurricular partners including the Queensland Catholic Colleges and Schools Music Festival and the Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls’ Sports Association (CaSSSA)
  • External organisations providing educational services to our students, such as Universities, training providers and businesses, which request imagery use for promotion of the activity or service being provided

The College will obtain specific parental and student permission when imagery is to be taken, owned and disseminated by external organisations other than the above, such as business service providers and professional photographers.

College owned imagery is only collected via approved College staff on College owned devices. College staff and parents do not have permission to photograph or film student imagery on personal devices.

Parents/Carers wishing to withdraw consent at any time during the 2023 school year must inform the Principal in writing.


Parents will have received an email early last Saturday morning from 'operoo@stritas.qld.edu.au' to create and/or update their student’s profile. This was an automated release by Operoo following an upgrade undertaken by the platform provider. We ask parents to respond to the request.

Operoo is the system used by St Rita’s and many schools for permission-based purposes such as excursions, camps, extracurricular and cocurricular activities. The system holds student medical information provided by parents, providing the College with instant access to the most accurate information in the event of illness or accident.

When creating or updating your daughter's Operoo profile, please ensure the email address you enter is the same as the email address held by the College database. This is important to allow the information you provide in Operoo to sync with College systems.

You are also encouraged to enter a Secondary contact Email address and Mobile number. Even though Operoo states this as ‘Optional’, having this entered is beneficial for the College if we need to use Operoo to urgently email or SMS parents in the event of a closure or other sudden whole-of-school circumstance. This person should be the official Secondary Contact you have lodged with the College for your student and not someone such as an Aunt or Uncle who is an Emergency Contact. (In most circumstances, Mum or Dad is the Primary Contact and visa versa for the Secondary Contact.)

Operoo accounts are ‘owned’ by the parent. As such, the College can view information, but cannot alter information. This may only be done by the parent owner.

The College Uniform

It is important that parents and students be attentive to their child’s appearance as a student of St Rita’s and we ask that you check that the uniforms being worn by your child meet the College Uniform policy. Please rectify any adjustments needed before the return to school, as a uniform infringement may apply.

Each student is expected to maintain high standards of personal appearance and it is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that the uniform is being worn each day in accordance with the College regulations.

Uniform Guidelines in Brief

  • The formal dress is to be mid knee in length and clean. Hems should be neat and secure and not hanging at any point.
  • Socks and Shoes should be clean. Shoes should have the foot fully enclosed with no holes, well-polished and laces secure.
  • Hats should be clean, in good shape, and bands not fraying severely.
  • The College blazer is compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 for Years 10-12 students.
  • Students may only carry the official College backpack, College shoulder bag or College Satchel to/from school. Swimming and sports items are to be carried in the St Rita’s sports bag or haversack. The use of St Rita’s College eco bags (no longer produced) or any non-College carry bag is not permitted.

The full uniform guidelines can be accessed here: Click Here 

Academic/Subject Information
Subject Changes


Students receive their 2023 timetable on their first day of school. The allocation of students to classes is structured to ensure that class sizes remain consistent across Year levels. As such, it is not possible to meet parent or student requests for particular teachers. 

Subject Changes

For students in Years 8-10, subject changes must be completed by Friday 3 February. Subject changes at the beginning of the year are only possible within the confines of the class allocations made and will be processed in order of receipt. Students must complete the Request for Change of Subject form located on the MySRC Parents Page under Curriculum.

Traffic Management
Drop Off, Pick Up and Parking
Student Drivers

Drop Off, Pick Up and Parking

St Rita’s College has a Traffic Management Plan in place, mandated by the Planning and Environmental Court, which addresses traffic issues and formalises school policies in enhancing the safety and amenity for both school traffic and local residents.  Parents and student drivers are requested to drive safely and within the laws at all times and be particularly cautious of student pedestrian traffic at drop off and pick up times.

  • Enderley Road has signage installed by Brisbane City Council providing a two-minute set-down zone to separate short term parking from all-day parking. 
  • Parents are to adhere to the two-minute set-down zone timeframes between the College Enderley Road driveways.  Failure to do so is in breach of Council laws. Please do not park or wait in this zone for any period longer than 2 minutes.
  • Drivers are not to stop or park in areas which are marked with yellow lines and/or ‘witches hats’, including the yellow lined resident driveways opposite the front of the College in Enderley Road.
  • Year 5 parents using the internal driveway pick up system in the afternoons are not to queue across the College driveway nor in Enderley Road waiting for the driveway boom gate to open. If the boomgate is down, go around the block until it is opened.
  • Students are not to be driven into the College grounds. Pedestrian traffic only is permitted (except for delivery and staff vehicles).
  • No students are to enter or exit the College via the Stafford Street entry.
  • Students must use the Assisted Crossing at the Pool end of Enderley Road to cross to and from the College.
  • Be respectful of our neighbours – don’t park, drop off or pick up across resident driveways.

Student Drivers

Cars driven by students are not to enter the school grounds. No student is to be a passenger in a student-driven car unless prior notification in writing is given to the Principal by the parents/carers of both the driver and the passenger(s).

The College encourages our student drivers to register their name and regular vehicle make/colour/registration with the Principal’s Assistant, Mrs Tuite. Residents will often telephone the College to report concerns with parking or obstruction to driveways. The College will then aim to locate the driver and rectify the problem. A driver register has often avoided residents contacting authorities regarding their concern.

To register your daughter driving to school and her vehicle, please email Mrs Tuite at principal@stritas.qld.edu.au

Parent/Carer Communication with the College
Updating Contact Details
College App
Email Communication
College Calendar

Updating Contact Details

It is important that parents/carers update with the College changes to home and/or work email addresses and telephone numbers. If a parent/carer needs to be contacted urgently due to illness or accident, telephone is used. Email is used for a variety of purposes and particularly by teaching staff to connect with parents. Please use the Update Details function on MySRC to make any changes or contact the College Receptionist or email changes through to administration@stritas.qld.edu.au.

Emergency Contacts should be persons other than the legal parents/carers - a trusted relative or friend who would ordinarily be able to attend the school to collect your child should the need arise and the parents are unavailable.

College App

The College App is the primary form of communication with families. Please ensure you have downloaded the App and selected your ‘Subscriptions’ – Student’s current Year Level and sport/music groups and/or debating - so that you receive relevant messages. The College Calendar and Absentee Line can be accessed in MySRC through the College App. 

The College's Absentee Form, MySRC, Operoo, Online Boutique and Business Directory can also be accessed from the App. It is regarded as essential that all parents download the App and set subscriptions to ensure they receive the messages they require.

Click here for the  SRC App User Guide 

Email Communication

Many teaching staff will communicate with parents/carers via email. The College’s Manager of Community and Development also communicates via email periodically.  Please ensure email addresses listed with the College for both parents/carers are kept up to date at all times. Email administration@stritas.qld.edu.au or use the Update Details function on MySRC. 

College Calendar

The College Calendar is accessed via MySRC and conveniently through the College App. The Calendar includes meetings, events, assemblies, House events, excursions, sports fixtures, camps, photo days, etc. and should be the most up-to-date and accurate source of information for parents/carers and students.


Verbis is the College's fortnightly newsletter, issued via the App. Important and informative information is carried in Verbis and families are expected to take the time to read Verbis. The first edition for the year will be published on Thursday 2 February.

Pantry – New Ordering System
New Pantry Ordering System - Qkr!

New Pantry Ordering System - Qkr!

The College has introduced a new Pantry ordering and payment system - Qkr! (pronounced Quicker). The Pantry will no longer be taking orders from the previous online ordering website.

From Wednesday 25 January, parents can pre-order lunches for their student(s) directly from the Qkr! App via their mobile phone or tablet and pay from a credit or debit card without pre-loading funds to a third party account. The Pantry online ordering system is for lunch only.  Ordering is not available for breakfast or afternoon tea.

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions including downloading of the App to your mobile device, creating student profile/s, ordering and making payments.  Parents who prefer to use website ordering can create their account and log in at: https://qkr-store.qkrschool.com/store/#/home

The Pantry operates a set daily menu for each Term. You may place and pay for an order for a single day, or place and pay for orders for multiple days up to two weeks in advance. Ordering, however, is required to be placed by 9:00am for same-day orders. Secondary students collect their orders at lunchtime from the Pantry window. Years 5 and 6 students will have their lunch orders delivered to their classrooms.

If you require assistance or have any questions, please contact the College IT Service Desk at helpdesk@stritas.qld.edu

Music Program Commencement
Ensemble Rehearsals and Lessons
Early Term Dates

Ensemble Rehearsals and Lessons

All ensemble rehearsals and lessons commence from Week 2, Monday 30 January. Students should check their MySRC calendar at the end of Week 1 for their individual lesson and rehearsal times. A full rehearsal schedule is also available on the College App.

Early Term Dates

  • Year 5 Music Immersion will commence in Week 2 with the first afternoon session until 4:00pm on Wednesday 1 February. There will be no after school session in Week 1.
  • Online Introduction Meeting for New Music Parents and Students:Tuesday 24 January 4:00pm, The Zoom link can be accessed in the MySRC Calendar entry
  • Chamber Chorale performance for Hamilton Citizenship Ceremony:Thursday 26 January 12:30pm 
  • The Senior Music Camp at QCCC Mt Tamborine is being held from Friday 27–Sunday 29 January. This camp is an invitational camp for students in the following Senior Ensembles: Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra, String Sinfonia, Guitar Ensemble and St Rita’s Chorale.

Meeting links, event memos and further details for each of the following events are available in the College App and the MySRC Calendar.

Policy and Procedure Information
College Policies
Mobile Phones and Listening Devices

College Policies

It is important that parents/carers and students familiarise themselves with the following policies. This information is available via MySRC on under Parents/Our College and Community/Policies and Procedures.   Click Here

  • Acceptable Use of Mobile Phone Policy
  • Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA)
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Assessment Guidelines
  • Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct
  • Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy
  • College Community Code of Conduct
  • College Uniform Policy
  • Homework Policy
  • Library Guidelines and Textbook Hire Policy
  • Volunteer and Other Personnel Code of Conduct Policy

Mobile Phones and Listening Devices

Parents/Carers, Students and Staff are reminded that Mobile phones are to be turned off and placed in a student’s locker from 8:30am-3:04pm. A mobile phone may only be used under explicit teacher instruction, for that lesson only. If a mobile phone/ device is seen it will be confiscated. Similarly, students are not to wear headphones, ear buds, earphones or AirPods unless under direct teacher instruction.

The following College regulations are within the College mobile phone policy:


4.1. Students may use a mobile phone during class if directed by the staff member in charge.

4.2. Staff will require that, if brought to class, mobile phones are switched off and placed face up on the student desk at the start of the lesson. Parents/guardians are reminded that in cases of emergency, Student Services remains the only authorised point of contact and can ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in any appropriate way.

4.3. During College hours, if parents/guardians need to contact students, this will be done through contacting Student Services. A message will be delivered to your daughter from Student Services. Receiving or expecting a call from a parent is not grounds for contravening this policy.


5.1. Mobile phones will not be used between lessons (including House Group), at morning tea or at lunch time. Mobile phones should not be used to make calls, send SMS messages, surf the internet, take photos or use any other application during College lessons (including House Group) and other educational activities, such as assemblies unless directed by the staff in charge. Students should only use their mobile phones when directed by the staff.

5.2. Using mobile phones to bully and threaten is unacceptable. It is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person. It is forbidden for students to use their mobile phones to photograph or record (either video or audio) any other person to denigrate, humiliate, bully or threaten, and then to send these or upload them to a website for viewing by others. This also includes using mobile phones to photograph or film any person without their consent.

5.3. Mobile phones are not to be used or taken into changing rooms or toilets or used in any situation that may cause embarrassment or discomfort to their fellow students, staff or visitors to the College.

5.4. Students are not permitted to use their mobile phones (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay) to pay for items or services at any facility of the College, including the Pantry, the Boutique and their printing accounts from the Library. Students are required to use a credit/debit card. The carrying of cash is not encouraged, but can be accepted for payments.

The full College Mobile Phone policy can be accessed on MySRC in the Parents/Our College and Community tile. Click Here

Parent Information
2023 Fees Schedule
Parent Support Group and Volunteering Opportunities 2023
Parent Facebook Pages
College Boutique
St Rita’s Buy, Sell, Swap, Giveaway

2023 Fees Schedule

The 2023 Schedule of Fees has been published and includes information on Upfront Payment discounts, conditions and methods of payment.  Click Here for the 2023 Fees Schedule

The College uses an online payment portal, FACTS. New families to the College will receive an invitation late January 2023 to set up their account in the FACTS system. The portal allows families to establish a payment plan including Direct Debit and Credit Card payments (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, termly, bi-annually or annually), as well as Third Party payment options (payment by another person on your behalf). All tuition fees, levies and Year Level camps/retreats are billed annually. 

Parents looking for alternative payment arrangements over an extended period are referred to Edstart edstart.com.au/stritas with further information available on the College website. 

Please direct any enquiries to the College Finance department on 3862 1615 or accounts@stritas.qld.edu.au

Parent Support Group and Volunteering Opportunities 2023

Parent volunteers are the lifeblood of many College events and projects. We value the input of parents in the life of the College and we have numerous opportunities through which parents can be involved, such as the Parents and Friends Association, the cocurricular sport and music committees, Carnival, WalkOut, the Boutique and Pantry, Careers Day and sport coaching.

We ask that parents let us how they will assist the College during 2023. Your completion of the form is an indication of interest only and does not commit you.

Click Here to access the Form Responses are requested by Monday 8 February. 

Parent Facebook Pages

The College advises that the parent closed group Facebook pages for each Year level are managed and operated by parents of St Rita’s College for the purpose of inter-parent communication.

The College advises that the College representative ‘Nano Nagle’ is not a member of some pages, as determined by the page administrators and, as such, these parent sites are autonomous. The College is not privy to the pages or their content.

Whilst administrators will attempt to provide accuracy of content, content posted by contributors does not necessarily imply endorsement by the College. Parents should always refer to College communications and platforms such as MySRC and the App.

Year 9 (Class of 2026): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1265150897557117/

Year 7 (Class of 2028): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2923281631299475/

Year 5 (Class of 2030): https://www.facebook.com/groups/794414801865720/

College Boutique

Opening Hours are 7:30am-9:00am and 11:00am-3:30pm Tuesday-Friday.

The Boutique is staffed by Mrs Laurinda Hinder who can be contacted on 3860 7119 or boutique@stritas.qld.edu.au

The College also operates an Online Boutique making purchasing convenient for parents at any time of day or night.  Orders placed by 3:00pm will be available for collection from 11:00am the next normal trading day. The Online Boutique can be accessed via MySRC or the College website homepage.  Click Here

St Rita’s Buy, Sell, Swap, Giveaway

Parents wishing to seek out second hand uniform and school items are encouraged to try the St Rita's Buy, Sell, Swap, Giveaway Facebook site. 

The site is parent administered and new items are being added regularly by families.

The College Boutique does not trade in second hand items.